Exhibition support from the experts

22 Feb 2019

Vantage PR has entered 2019 with a number of exhibitions lined up for the first half of the year. We have a busy few months ahead and will be offering support to many of our clients at trade shows up and down the country and overseas in a number of industries from parking to meteorology.

This month, we have been preparing ourselves and our clients for upcoming exhibitions and have been creating previews and press releases that will help raise awareness of each business at the shows.

As part of the exhibition support provided by technology PR specialists Vantage PR, our team of experts is heavily involved in helping clients to make the most of their time at each show. We often attend events and can offer a press and promotional service that includes arranging meetings with top journalists from each of the relevant industries.

In the months leading up to each exhibition, we will be actively producing press packs that will include the latest client news and projects to ensure journalists have material for their future editions.

With many years’ experience as a B2B PR firm and in media relations, we have recognised the importance of making information simple and readily available for editors, and work closely with many publications as part of our trade PR programmes.

Our clients Biral, Wildlife World and Nortech are just a few names that will be exhibiting at events across the UK and the world in the coming months and will be benefiting from our press support to secure forward media coverage and contribute to producing sales leads and future business.

If your company could benefit from support at exhibitions and would like more information on our event support, please get in touch with one of our team at pr@vantage.uk.com