How B2B PR works for our clients

Effective B2B PR is all about earning results that change perceptions, shape opinions, drive brand preferences and create new business opportunities.

At Vantage, we are an experienced B2B PR firm that is constantly engaged in this activity for our wide range of clients. Yet B2B communications is not only the domain of big business. Many of our clients are small, exciting businesses making a difference in their own niche sectors.

B2B technology public relations is a valuable yet complex communications process, as unlike the consumer world, B2B purchases are of higher value and are generally a long haul game. This means it is important to build confidence and trust so that when the critical moments in decision making arrive, the client’s product or systems are on the shortlist. 

Another key difference between buying a consumer product and a business one is that it is not just one person who makes the purchasing decisions. There are often multiple decision makers which means that time has to be invested in understanding how decision making happens, the target groups you are trying to reach and how to create campaigns that reflect the different needs and expectations of each group.

B2B campaigns can be some of the most creative as they need to inspire and generate a call to action with prospects and decision makers through pure facts and hard information. It is about appealing to analytical minds and including factors like return on investment.

B2B Public Relations

Our B2B public relations experience

At Vantage PR, our B2B PR experience in technical PR and trade PR covers a range of sectors from building products and security systems to vehicle systems and lighting. As illustrated above, we know that our clients’ customers don’t make instant decisions. Purchasing is usually a considered process over a longer timescale and usually involves extensive research before making that decision. By developing online content as well as offline content, we offer your customers and prospective customers valuable information to research, engage and subsequently buy from you.

Our most successful PR campaigns for B2B service providers involve high quality content for a range of media channels from print through to digital and social media. We position our clients as consultants and thought leaders. Tactically, so as to gain high visibility for our clients, we typically use by-lined articles, customer testimonials, speaking opportunities, and award submissions. We also employ white papers, research, surveys, blogs and opinion pieces, all to raise awareness and make our B2B PR campaigns for clients drive more traffic to their websites and generate the all-important sales leads and business opportunities they need.

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