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Covid-19 update

If you need support on a current or potential account, we are still here to help

24 Mar

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Trade shows or a year of PR – How to keep the leads coming in

Trade shows are still a massive part of B2B life, with many businesses attending/visiting at least a…

18 Mar

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Why outsourcing press releases is the best option for your company

A press release is a recognised source for stories and vital for many journalists when it comes to m…

25 Feb

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Don't let branding take over a good press release

When writing an effective press release, it’s important for the author to consider both sides of the…

27 Jan

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General SEO best practices that your company needs to know

SEO is by no means new, but it is still a source of confusion for many businesses. The jargon and ho…

31 Dec

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Everything you thought you knew about blogging

Blogging is a highly effective tool for turning potential customers into paying ones. For many thoug…

29 Nov

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Vantage client list heats up with cool new clients

Underfloor heating specialists Wunda Group and industrial cooling experts DHD Cooling have both rece…

31 Oct

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Location isn't everything when it comes to PR

Considering a PR agency outside London? Location no longer matters, and gone are the days where prox…

30 Sep

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The importance of copywriting in a digital world

As discussed in previous articles, a business’ website is the window into how it works and is many c…

30 Aug

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Advertising pays, public relations persuades – The difference between PR and advertising

Advertising and public relations share a common goal - improving a clients’ visibility. This is usua…

30 Jul

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Social media marketing and digital marketing are not the same thing

Digital marketing is using the internet, social media, search engines and other channels to reach cu…

20 Jun

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Websites and blogs and how they work together

When weighing up the benefits of a blog and a website, it is important for a business to consider th…

23 May

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LinkedIn – a great business tool

In the world of B2B, LinkedIn is an excellent channel to increase the visibility of a company’s bran…

28 Mar

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Exhibition support from the experts

Vantage PR has entered 2019 with a number of exhibitions lined up for the first half of the year. We…

22 Feb

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Vantage PR welcomes cool new client

Refrigeration specialists Carter Synergy have recently turned to Vantage for assistance with their P…

30 Jan

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Do businesses really need SEO?

The answer is yes. SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is vital to improving search engine rankings an…

12 Dec

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Digital PR vs traditional PR

Many clients and prospective clients have asked us whether there's actually much difference between …

27 Nov

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The benefits of blogging for business

Company blogs are a huge opportunity to establish industry expertise and extend reach through social…

24 Oct

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Every business needs a well performing website

Having an up to date and fully functioning website is a necessity in today’s digital world. Websites…

28 Sep

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PR vs Marketing – is there still a difference?

PR and marketing used to be two different practices, but in recent years have starting working toget…

16 Aug

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Boost your business with e-newsletters

Using e-newsletters for email marketing in business not only saves time and money but also keeps you…

12 Jul

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Why your company should invest in PR

The benefits of B2B PR might seem obvious, but many businesses are still not sure how it will help t…

16 May

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Get your business noticed with email marketing

Email marketing is a vital component that is used by millions of businesses across the world. With e…

20 Apr

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Get your social media journey started with Vantage

With just under 40 million users in the UK alone, social media  has become an important part of our …

23 Mar

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Thinking about GDPR?

Having been to a couple of GDPR presentations recently it is all beginning to fall into place. So wh…

19 Feb

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New B2B account for Vantage PR

Another new B2B account for Vantage PR! We are delighted to be working once again with access contro…

19 Jan

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The power of social media

Social media is a minefield for even the most creative of people. The platforms are growing all the …

28 Nov

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Vantage tips for B2B PR and social media

In this era of social media, companies need to make sure they are utilising all the resources availa…

05 Oct

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