Don't let branding take over a good press release

27 Jan 2020

When writing an effective press release, it’s important for the author to consider both sides of the story. While of course for all PR specialists it is getting their client’s name in prime position in the copy that matters, for the journalists receiving the press releases they are sifting through mountains of content looking for an article that grabs them from the start.

As a PR agency it is vital that we provide content that fits with a client’s brand guidelines, but it is also our job to ensure that all press releases are going to interest the media they want to be featured in.

Although necessary, the most important factor when writing a press release is not to make the name of the company or brand the focal point. The name can be mentioned at the start of the press release and maybe in the headline, but does not need to be threaded constantly throughout.

The problem is that the journalist who picks up the article is first and foremost looking for a good story, and they won’t necessarily be that interested in who the company is providing it. While this might sound harsh, in busy working environments like journalism they are looking for copy that is a ready-made article, and rely on trained PR experts to provide something they can use quickly.

If a journalist sees a headline, which is often the subject of the email, that says “BJN Lighting in collaboration with Nortsun has launched an innovative new system”, then that’s it, they already know the story and are unlikely to open the press release and read the rest.

However, if it were to read something like “Innovative new system will modernise lighting” it is much more likely get them interested as it doesn’t contain an obvious sales pitch.

Journalists know that PR is there to sell something (be that a product, an idea or a campaign) to its readers, but they don’t care to be part of that sales team.

At Vantage, we know it’s far more productive to write a press release with impact that gets picked up by the media and leads to wide spread coverage. We use our journalist contacts and inside knowledge to make sure all press releases offer the best of both worlds, placing the client’s company name in an appropriate position to ensure the journalist gets a feel for the story first without being put off by over promotion.

If your business would like help with press releases or if you would like to discuss your general copywriting needs, get in touch with one of the Vantage team on or 01600 715251.