12 Dec 2019

When creating a new look for a commercial environment, choosing the correct heater model and colour can be difficult. In an increasingly competitive marketplace, Tansun’s customised branding service will enhance awareness and define a business’s personality.

Tansun's design service allows its infrared heaters to be powder coated to any RAL colour and has the option of including a brand identity or logo. Colour themes can match any indoor or outdoor venue, enhancing a corporate/brand identity and providing an advantage over the competition.

This simple feature can be important for the specification sector to help blend in with particular environments and colour schemes.

Every environment is different and with one of the largest ranges of commercial, domestic and industrial infrared heaters in the world, Tansun offers a bespoke heating design service. Its dedicated research and development team collaborate with its sales team to fully understand and satisfy the client’s heating needs. As the UK’s leading infrared heater manufacturer, Tansun can produce a scheme which best suits specific heating requirements.

The design service Tansun offer is free to use and can help specifiers gain the best out of any given space.

Tansun also offers different brackets, time lag switches and controllers to accompany the heaters. As an experienced UK infrared heater manufacturer, Tansun can produce bespoke heating solutions in various ways to meet custom requirements, such as the design and manufacture of frames and brackets to suit a particular environment or project.

All of Tansun’s products are made in the UK and are designed using premium components. The company has been established for 35 years and pioneered the concept of infrared electric heaters alongside Philips technology. Tansun has the largest range of commercial, industrial and domestic infrared heaters in the world, providing maintenance-free, safe and healthy shortwave heaters for many different types of heating applications.     

Further information is available from Tansun on 0121 580 6200, by emailing or by visiting the company’s website at .