27 Nov 2018

World-leading Pay on Foot parking systems manufacturer, DESIGNA, has worked with the White Rose shopping centre in Rhyl, North Wales, to update its car parking system to the company’s advanced ABACUS software and equipment.

After many successful installations abroad, the shopping centre is the first DESIGNA site in the UK to have installed its new tap in/tap out contactless credit card technology. 

The installation included new state-of-the-art entrance and exit terminals accepting tap in/tap out contactless card payment technology. There are also three full pay stations, a DBS server, manual pay station and intercom. All of this helps to improve the efficiency and security of the car park, which is popular with shoppers due to its seafront location.

As the first part of the shopping experience, the convenience and availability of a car park is crucial to the overall service and satisfaction of a customer. DESIGNA recognised this and developed ABACUS, an advanced car park access system that intelligently integrates various elements to create the ultimate system that is highly reliable and low maintenance. It is also able to cope with large volumes of traffic while providing the highest level of monitoring to ensure a secure parking environment.

The parking system is barrier controlled and makes use of DESIGNA barcode ticket technology. In addition to the standard ticket technology, the car park offers the facility to tap in/tap out using a contactless credit card. This operates with a unique identifier from the credit / debit card as a substitute for a ticket for the duration of the stay at the car park. When the customer presents a contactless card on entry, it recognises them and by tapping again at exit it automatically calculates the tariff and allows payment to take place at the exit. The system has three pay on foot machines which accept coins, notes and credit cards.

With more than 30 stores, White Rose shopping centre, Rhyl’s number one shopping destination, has a wide range of quality stores. Located in the centre of the town, White Rose is a short walk from Rhyl’s seafront, railway station and sea aquarium, and has direct access car parking for 300 vehicles. The centre previously had a chip coin solution installed on site.

Sue Nash, Centre Manager at the White Rose commented, “The biggest advantage of having the DESIGNA system in place is the easy payment method. The advanced ticket machines make it possible to pay using several means, therefore reducing the problem of queuing at the pay machines and having to pay with change. Another payment option we now have is the facility to pay through mobile devices and via contactless cards.”

She continued, “The majority of people move around with credit cards rather than cash and having a versatile payment option in the car park makes for a painless process. The maintenance of the system at our local level was extremely important to avoid costly and timely engineer callouts. Simple things like ticket and coin jams, system resets are now extremely easy to resolve as is the exchange of entry tickets when required. I would certainly recommend the DESIGNA system to others and we are extremely pleased with the results.”

Specifier Andrew Bailey, of Parking Ideas commented, “Parking Ideas is a complete car parking and transportation consultancy that helps institutions, property owners, landlords and managing agents develop and optimise their assets. I have worked with the White Rose shopping centre for a number of years and following a competitive tender found that DESIGNA’s systems best suited the client’s requirements.”

He continued, “The ABACUS system is good value, commercially viable and ticked all the right boxes for the White Rose. It is very important to have the facility to pay by card, so the payment terminals having this feature are vital to the centre and have made all the difference to the running of the car park. Parking Ideas has been in the parking industry for more than 15 years so we have worked with DESIGNA before and are very happy with the end result.”  

The car park’s entrance and exit are installed with DESIGNA In+ and Out+ ticket terminals so that using the site is fast and easy. The advanced terminals operate on the lowest energy consumption of their class with the ability to hold more tickets than before, with the bin adapting itself to the fill quantity. Customers are greeted with excellent user-friendliness due to the simplicity of the equipment and illuminated display with clear instructions.

The four-way barcode readers also ensure visitors can insert their ticket any way round into any of the pay stations around the site.

For payment, three of DESIGNA’s new Pay on Foot machines are in place in the car park. This allows customers to pay for their visit before returning to their car and exit the car park more quickly. The pay station is deliberately designed to allow disabled customers to pay freely without assistance. Each of the pay stations is installed with an interactive monitor that makes it easy to pay and offers several different languages.

Shopping centre management has full control of the ABACUS system through the DBS server, with a manual pay station (MPS) to allow them to create or override payments. The control room also links with the ticket and payment terminals via a DESIGNA VoIP Intercom to assist customers if required.

DESIGNA’s parking systems are used in a number of impressive shopping centres around the world. These include the Dundrum shopping centre in Dublin, the Mid Valley Megamall in Malaysia and the Mall of Emirates in Dubai. In the UK the Belfry shopping centre in Redhill, the Woolshops shopping centre in Halifax and the Wellgate centre in Dundee have also benefited from the ABACUS system.

Recognised worldwide for its high quality and intelligent systems, DESIGNA has more than 15,000 systems installed globally across a wide range of car park situations, including shopping centres, airports and hospitals. ABACUS is one of the company’s innovations and demonstrates the endless possibilities available to car park operators. The future-proof technology allows for expansions of premises or new property acquisitions by allowing additional systems to be added to the network. In its many global applications, ABACUS has proved to be an effortless system for both operators and users and is a great investment for companies looking to the future.

Further information on automatic car parking systems is available from DESIGNA UK on 01932 784040, by emailing, or by visiting the company’s website at