26 Apr 2018

Sentinel Systems has advanced on its existing mobile DVR systems to produce a new and affordable, compact recording unit for cars, vans and other commercial vehicles as part of the company’s range of intelligent surveillance systems.

The new Commercial AHD DVR is suitable for installations in any sized vehicle, especially in vans and cars where other DVR units may be too big and has the added benefit of lockable SD cards.

The system has up to 2TB hard disk storage space and can be connected to up to four of Sentinel’s cameras, including reversing, side and forward facing cameras for an all-round view of the vehicle.

Allan Robertson, Director at Sentinel Systems commented, “We recognised a definite need for surveillance systems in all vehicles and not just large commercial vehicles. This new technology allows the system to be installed within cars and smaller vans at an extremely affordable price. It is important to us that we can provide an inexpensive surveillance system for all road users to promote overall enhanced safety on our roads.”

Designed to provide the ultimate protection for cyclists, pedestrians and other vulnerable road users, Sentinel’s systems assist in safer operations for commercial vehicles and provide drivers and operators with the confidence that they are not a threat to the public. Sentinel’s camera systems, in particular, provide an enhanced view of the vehicle’s surroundings which can allow drivers to safely manoeuvre in tight or congested areas.

When combined with Sentinel’s AHD DVR, the camera systems provide the ultimate protection for road users as they capture crucial video evidence of accidents, theft or fraudulent claims. The recorded footage may be extracted to provide evidence for court hearings and can save companies or drivers a significant amount of money in insurance claims whilst protecting themselves from fines and prosecution.

The new AHD mobile DVR system boasts eight channels of superior AHD quality and an additional four channels in IP high definition, and is specially designed for intelligent application as part of vehicle safety and surveillance systems. 

With the increasing number of false claims and crash-for-cash incidents, recording footage from vehicle-mounted cameras using a Sentinel MDVR gives irrefutable evidence in the event of an incident so saving money, protecting drivers and providing peace of mind. 

Sentinel Systems has developed the advanced AHD DVR unit to offer better protection of this crucial evidence with the lockable SD card feature. This ensures that the memory card cannot be removed from the device and destroyed with all video evidence being permanently lost.

Despite being small and discreet Sentinel’s camera systems are visible across the vehicle which may act as a warning to potential burglars. When they notice the cameras they are fully aware that they are captured on video which may encourage them to destroy all evidence should they know where to find it. Sentinel Systems has produced the Commercial SD DVR to prevent this from happening and to preserve all evidence that drivers and operators will need to prosecute.

The AHD DVR unit is cleverly designed with anti-vibration technology to allow the system to be mounted anywhere within the vehicle and still operate efficiently. This also prevents damage to the inside of the device from constant impact.

Like Sentinel’s other DVR devices, the AHD recorder houses an internal GPS system for location tracking as well as a built in inertia sensor and LED indicators to ensure the driver that the system is working at a glance. The system can provide up to five days of recording at a lower cost than other suitable systems on the market.

Should any of Sentinel’s systems break down, the company’s team of engineers based throughout the UK are available 24/7 for customer support and maintenance to keep vehicle downtime to a minimum. This also ensures that vehicles and drivers are not unprotected on the road.

Further information is available from Sentinel on 01285 771333 or by emailing or by visiting the company’s website at