30 Nov 2017

When it comes to the selection of infrared heaters, Tansun products have all the quality attributes which specifiers are looking for.

As pioneers of infrared heaters some 35 years ago, Tansun has consistently invested in research and development of the technology so as to offer the most advanced products to customers whether they be in the restaurant and leisure market or in commerce and industry.

Designed and manufactured at its UK headquarters in West Bromwich, Tansun heaters are made to the highest quality standards from premium components. It’s important when buying infrared heaters that they have all the correct approvals and tested to the right standards. All of Tansun’s products are fully tested, CE marked and fully compliant with European electrical standards. Testament to the rigorous design and reliability of its products is that the heaters carry the very strict and stringent American approvals complying with CSA and UL standards.

Beyond quality and reliability it’s the design of infrared heaters that really counts in their heat output and efficiency. As well as ensuring a good looking, stylish and aesthetic outward design, Tansun infrared heaters employ much superior parabolic reflectors. These are made from high grade aluminium with reflectance of up to 95% visible range so producing the high heat levels which are required. Tansun uses CAD technology to produce these reflectors to a very accurate design where the infrared lamp is in the correct focus within the reflector to ensure maximum heat output. This not only maximises heat output but also lamp life as the heat is also dissipated away from the lamp. Many companies use thin off-the-shelf reflectors which throw little heat outwards, whereas Tansun uses specially made reflectors of double the thickness at 5mm.

This attention to accurate reflector design coupled with Tansun’s use of quartz full shortwave infrared technology means that 96% of any energy consumed is direct heat radiation and nearly all the heat is directed to the space below. Any standard quartz heater does not project heat outwards efficiently in the same way and only 60% of energy consumption is transferred as direct heat radiation.

With infrared heaters being used to efficiently heat people indoors and outside, it is very important to ensure the right ingress protection (IP) rating of the heater chosen. Quite simply, the higher the IP number the greater the protection rating. Where heaters are installed under cover, an awning or umbrella which all provides a form of protection, then anything above IP24 is a sufficient rating for permanent outdoor installations. Some manufacturers offer a universal IP65 heater for all applications but these may be a higher specification than required and often cannot be easily re-lamped, needing an electrical engineer or return to the factory. By contrast Tansun offers IP55 rated heaters where required for exposed outdoor applications, these having the same level of water protection yet due to their design are more easily re-lamped to offer a product with greater longevity.

Adding to Tansun’s full commitment to quality and its customers is its free infrared heating design service. The amount of heat required for comfortable conditions depends upon the building type and use, activity, rate of air movement, design, temperature and areas to be heated. With submitted information on a scheme, Tansun will create a proposed layout for infrared heaters based on the building and environment, and if necessary will attend a site visit to assess the scheme further.

Tansun has the largest range of domestic, industrial and commercial infrared heaters in the world, providing maintenance-free, safe and healthy heating applications for its customers. Tansun has worldwide distribution of its products with recent expansion of its distributor network across many more European countries.

Further information is available from Tansun on 0121 580 6200, by emailing sales@tansun.com or by visiting the company’s website at www.tansun.com .