06 Mar 2020

Energy consumption in hospitals is on the rise, and electricity already accounts for more than 50% of their energy costs. With the increased use of specialist equipment, consumption is set to increase even more, which is a major problem for climate change.

The NHS produces 5.4% of the UK’s greenhouse gases, and spends around £400 million a year on energy. A significant proportion of this is inevitably being wasted, resulting in huge financial losses.

Many already recognise the importance of an effective heating system in healthcare facilities, as it is vital to keep both patients and staff comfortable. An efficient heating system will prevent energy wastage and keep costs down, and by setting suitable temperatures and ensuring that heating equipment and controls are managed correctly it is possible to save up to 30% on heating costs.

An efficient and hygienic heating system can significantly improve hospital environments, and infrared heating panels are the ideal solution as they provide a uniform, draught free space and create a comfortable indoor temperature, say experts in the field Tansun. Infrared heating panels also provide a hygienic solution as they eliminate the movement of air and reduce the spread of bacteria.

As sterile environments, there are lots of rules and regulations about what technology (especially HVAC equipment) can be installed on hospital premises. Many hospitals have long corridors and large open space waiting rooms and find that traditional heating methods aren’t suitable.

Infrared panel heaters are 100% safe and have been used in German and Austrian hospitals and care homes for many years. Infrared also offers many other health benefits as when the body absorbs infrared heat it increases blood circulation, enhances the immune system and reduces joint pain and inflammation, the same effects as being in a sauna. It can also help people with health conditions like asthma or bronchial ailments that around 12% of UK population suffer with.

Wards housing patients with burns find infrared heating is the only method of heating they can use as there is no movement of air or dispersion of dust particles. Infrared heating is so safe in fact that far infrared, the gentlest form of infrared, is also often used in incubators for babies to keep them warm.

According to research by the Carbon Trust, the simplest way to save the NHS money is to help it to use its energy more efficiently. The first area highlighted in the report is heating, which it believes is a huge area for wastage and high costs that can be easily rectified. Some of the major concerns are:

-        Heating being on in unoccupied areas. The Tansun Digital Thermostat helps to control infrared heating panels to maximise their potential and save energy and money. Temperature levels can be adjusted based on heating requirements to heat each individual room separately and can spot heat difficult areas or specific zones.

-        Thermostats set to maximum to ‘make the space heat up faster’. This simply results in overheated space. There are a number of reasons why infrared heating panels are ideal for hospital heating, one benefit it that the warmth is felt very quickly. Those switching the heating on won’t have to wait 15 minutes for a cold area to heat up and won’t be using 15 minutes of power to heat air that will inevitably be lost in a draught. Infrared heaters are simply turned on when the heat is needed and a comfortable temperature warms up the people and objects in a room, avoiding the need to alter thermostats.

-        Hospitals have areas with different time and temperature requirements. This can be problematic when there is only one heating control system in place. Dividing areas into zones with separate controls for heating is easily achieved with infrared heating panels, as directed focused infrared heat warms everything in its range without losing heat to other spaces, and combined with the Tansun time lag switches or motion detectors provides the perfect heating solution. With Tansun zoning and control it is easy to optimise energy efficiency, slim down heating bills and boast a truly eco-friendly heating system.

Tansun radiant panels are designed with a number of benefits which include providing healthy, comfortable and gentle heat, ensuring safety and reliability, and are silent making them perfect for noise-sensitive environments. Developed to be highly energy efficient, the panels are cost effective and can save approximately 30-70% in heating costs and come with a five-year warranty.

Three panel heaters have been developed by Tansun in different sizes to cater for numerous areas. The Iridium Series 600 (300W), 900 (610W) and 1200 (785W), are lightweight and extra slim radiant heating panels and combine advanced heating technology and have a neutral design of white or black finish to blend in with any decor.

Tansun can create the panels in most RAL colour options to suit all environments. This simple feature can be important for the specification sector to help blend in with particular environments and colour schemes.

All of Tansun’s products are made in the UK and are designed using premium components. The company has been established for 35 years and pioneered the concept of radiant electric heaters alongside Philips technology. Tansun has the largest range of commercial, industrial and domestic radiant heaters in the world, providing maintenance-free, safe and healthy radiant heaters for many different types of heating applications.     

Further information is available from Tansun on 0121 580 6200, by emailing sales@tansun.com or by visiting the company’s website at www.tansun.com .