Staying up to date with digital PR campaigns

30 Oct 2015

These past few months at Vantage we have invested much of our time in attending courses on the rise of online marketing to help us make the best of our clients’ digital PR campaigns.

With research and statistics regularly changing due to the nature of how businesses operate, we have found that it is extremely important to regularly update our knowledge to ensure we are offering the best possible practices for digital marketing.

Managing Director, Nick Brooks has travelled widely to attend a number of digital marketing, business growth and CIPR courses and seminars to learn the latest trends in online PR, which we have put into practice for client e-newsletters, blogs and social media profiles to ensure they are excelling in their markets.

He commented, “Here at Vantage we have excellent ability in digital marketing and this is something that we enjoy doing on a daily basis for both our clients and for our own purposes. We strongly encourage all of our clients to make the most of using platforms such as blogs and e-newsletters and we believe that we are confident that we have up to the minute expertise to assist them in the most effective ways to run a digital marketing campaign.”

Since attending a number of these courses we now have a better understanding, for instance, of the best times to send an e-newsletter or e-shot to receive the best results, as well as some knowledge of the words not to use, so that we can ensure emails aren’t filtered as spam.

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