Websites and blogs and how they work together

23 May 2019

When weighing up the benefits of a blog and a website, it is important for a business to consider the type of content that will support its goals effectively.

A blog can be a website and a website can contain a blog, so one of the best reasons to use both is so a company can create and share relevant materials such as tutorials, social media and other resources with its users.

The Content Marketing Institute has revealed that 91% of B2B marketers use content to promote themselves. From “Product” pages to the “Contact Us” section, every piece of content on a company website should be relevant to the other pages around it as well as the business’ overall mission.

It is also believed that the “About Us” section has the potential to be the most visited area of a business’ website. So by being creative with the content it is an effective way to tie the information from this page to the rest of the website.

For example, by expanding on the company’s history under the “About Us” page through a blog post in another area of the site, it creates a consistent thread throughout the website. This increases the impact that content can have on the business and helps drive visitors to the pages that are the most important.

To ensure everything on the website and blog remains consistent, it is important to use the same voice and language throughout and to regularly look for opportunities to use the blog to highlight or expand on content from other parts of the company website.

It is vital that companies pay attention to website analytics and look for increased engagement, social sharing, and higher conversation rates to determine how well the content is performing. By creating a content strategy for a company website, results will become apparent and then staff are able to monitor what is and isn’t working and how things can be improved.

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