Digital PR vs traditional PR

27 Nov 2018

Many clients and prospective clients have asked us whether there's actually much difference between traditional and digital PR. Both depend on the building of the right relations with the right people and the use of B2B pr strategies that suit that particular organisation's values and target audience.

At Vantage, the B2B pr firm, we appreciate just how important it is to combine both digital and traditional methods to create a time-proof PR strategy. In an era that is seeing B2B and B2C audiences move between online and offline spaces, users are likely to encounter information about an organisation with both, so it has never been more crucial to work on multiple platforms.

This means that a company's carefully tailored social media, blogging or e-newsletter campaigns shouldn't necessarily stop it from utilising more time-honoured tactics such as printed media. Our team can not only advise but also develop a complete bespoke PR action plan for each organisation to ensure it includes the right combination of traditional and digital marketing.

Online technical PR can often be unfamiliar territory for many of our clients. Many businesses have never conducted research specifically into their online audiences or experimented to see what digital content does and doesn't receive a response. In the daily running of a company, staff rarely have time to think about producing text, images or video content for the website or generating a wider online presence, so find it beneficial to receive support from an outside source.

These are all areas of digital PR that we can intimately advise on and assist with as a truly leading and innovative technology public relations agency. All that you need to do is get in touch with us at or request our acclaimed, free and no-obligation PR review from one of our trade pr team.