Why outsourcing press releases is the best option for your company

25 Feb 2020

A press release is a recognised source for stories and vital for many journalists when it comes to media content. So how hard can it be to find someone in-house to write about a recent win that will appeal to the industries you want to target?

To create good content requires a lot of time and energy, and with businesses struggling to find that time they are encountering obstacles that prevent them increasing their exposure and brand awareness.

As with any growing business, when the end of financial year comes around you’ll want to tell your superiors that every effort was made to try and hit targets while promoting the brand name. And if you can’t invest the time yourself, then let a PR specialist take the strain.

Don’t waste your resources

Small teams with limited resources who spend their time trying to create press releases are not able to complete other important tasks within the business. Because of this outsourcing is becoming more and more popular as it offers delegation without any additional overheads.

B2B PR experts know best

When it comes to press releases, an editor will receive the copy and expect to be clearly formatted and concise. Any press releases that are not focused will be seen to not offer the kind of information readers are looking for.

If you live and breathe your business there is such a thing as too close, meaning you are unable to see it objectively. An outside perspective can improve and strengthen current and future content, and that’s where PR support comes in.

By using an agency, companies are able to benefit from a diverse range of knowledge and expertise which can lead a new approach and a different perspective. PR experts like us at Vantage have a broad set of skills that enable us to generate focus and therefore produce an effective press release.

Help beyond writing

Press releases also serve an additional purpose as they help to improve a business’s SEO. But to create an effective online presence with interesting content, press releases have to be written with SEO in mind. This is something a PR professional is familiar with and an advantage they will have over an in-house writer.

No stalling

In-house writers often have to stall projects due to other work commitments, resulting in putting any PR activity to the bottom of the pile. This then leads to rushed copy that is not up to the high standard of your competitors.

Keeps costs low

If you still think you can manage things in-house, you need to weigh up the costs involved. It will not be as simple as having qualified team members and can also include finding office space, paying for extra equipment and allocating an additional budget.

Don’t let your PR activity become a second thought, outsourcing press releases means equipping your company with a professional team that is able to help increase exposure and get the company noticed. Hiring an agency for support is a smart use of resources and is a functional business move that can set you up for success.

If you think your business could benefit from our experience and support, get in touch with one of our B2B PR team on pr@vantage.uk.com