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Established for over 50 years, Trolex is one of the market leaders in gas detectors, sensing and environmental monitoring systems principally for the coal and mining industries. Its systems are relied upon the world over to protect lives and valuable machinery. The management team of Trolex were looking for an agency that could competently handle and understand its niche market technology and communicate this right across the international media.Vantage PR demonstrated how it could address Trolex's trade PR needs and the relationship between client and consultancy continues to grow.

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Trolex's range of sophisticated gas monitoring equipment can detect up to six different gases, including use as a carbon monoxide detector, can be networked underground and to above ground and provides instant warning with alarm when gases are at dangerous levels. Similarly, the Trolex machine conditioning monitoring systems are designed as sensors to monitor such things as temperature, pressure and vibration so that malfunctioning machinery can be detected at an early stage. Methane recovery from underground mines and landfill sites is fast becoming a widespread practice and Trolex are able to assist here in accurately monitoring and analysing levels of methane so as to help in the efficient conversion of the gas into power. 

With the markets and industries that Trolex serves, the business is very much international yet it is still an independently run family company. All of the company products are designed, developed, tested and manufactured at its base in Manchester and the company recently won its category in the Manufacturer of the Year award 2012.


Trolex has an excellent in-house marketing team working hard at every level to promote the company and the brand. Vantage PR, although external, is an intrinsic part of this team working very closely to continually increase awareness of the Trolex name and its authority in the marketplace.

Technology public relations campaigns are run in parallel in the coal and mining press, the industrial media as well as the tunnelling industry. It is a constant programme of news, product and project information going out to all three media sectors. Additionally, major features are regularly placed in key media titles as well as expert and opinion pieces on varied topics each month. 

The power of digital online presence is crucial to Trolex and from the back links created by press copy generated by Vantage PR it is clear that the agency is making a valuable contribution to the forward growth of the company.

Laura Stockton of Trolex explained, “We have been working with Vantage for three years and are really pleased with the outcome of their work. Being a safety critical company, it is really important to explain the technicality of our products in a certain way in order to get the importance of our products across. Vantage has been able to take this on and produce articles which suit our markets and our audience. We have also managed to increase traffic to our website by over 50% over the last twelve months using both digital and media presence.”

Other key aspects of public relations in the press programme for Trolex have included arranging editor days for product launches; providing news content for the Trolex newsletter, In-Tro; providing press packs for UK and international exhibitions; and interviewing and working with senior members of management to develop stories for press feature articles.

Since working with Vantage PR and using its knowledge of technical PR, Trolex has expanded its workforce by 35% in line with a similar growth in its sales turnover to £10 million, and undoubtedly Vantage PR, the B2B PR specialist, has played its part in this client success.



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